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Open Context: Web-based research data publication

Most research today involves large amounts of digital data (spreadsheets, images, maps, databases, etc.). These data rarely see formal dissemination and archiving. Nevertheless, researchers face increasing expectations to better manage, share, and preserve their primary data. Data dissemination can be invaluable when complement conventional publication.

Open Context ( helps archaeologists with data management by offering an open-access, Web-based venue for data publication. The University of California's California Digital Library provides Open Context with data preservation services, making it a citable and archived publication venue. The NSF (Archaeology Program) and the NEH (Digital Humanities program) both link to Open Context in reference to Data Management Plan requirements implemented in 2011.

  • Open Context encourages linking published data to conventional (print) publications.
  • To maintain and improve data quality, Open Context has an editorial team of scholars that review submissions.
  • Contributors retain copyright to their own content.
  • All content published by Open Context carries Creative Commons copyright licenses that give clear permission for reuse with proper citation.
  • Open Context makes data "portable" for easy download and reuse in other websites, Web-based maps, and other visualization and analysis applications.

Some Helpful Links:

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  2. Support for grant or project Data Management Plans (link)
  3. Browse data from the Ancient Near East in Open Context (link)
  4. Browse images from the Ancient Near East in Open Context (link)
  5. Browse projects and collections in Open Context (link)
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